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Jun 02, 2016 · Protection of financial and personal customer information is a key responsibility and obligation of FINRA member firms. Under the SEC’s Regulation S-P, firms are required to have policies and procedures addressing the protection of customer information and records.This includes protecting against any anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of customer records and ...

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Once FINRA processes a firm’s SAA form, the firm’s SAA will receive FINRA Entitlement Program login credentials, the organization ID number and entitlement to the FINRA systems required to submit filings and electronically fund the firm’s Flex-Funding Account. The SAA will be able create and remove account administrators and user accounts ...

FINRA’s Examination and Risk Monitoring Program

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority FINRA published its 2021 Report on FINRA’s Examination and Risk Monitoring Program Report, summarizing various findings and observations from recent FINRA ...

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Firma Digitale L'impiego della Firma Digitale permette di firmare digitalmente qualsiasi documento elettronico.Inoltre, grazie al Certificato di Autenticazione CNS rilasciato su Smart Card in tutti i prodotti di Firma Digitale il cittadino (privato o titolare di azienda) può interrogare i servizi messi a disposizione delle PA (inps, agenzia delle entrate, equitalia, ecc.) direttamente da sito ...

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2021-3-7 · The Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine (TRACE) is the FINRA-developed vehicle that facilitates the mandatory reporting of over-the-counter transactions in eligible fixed income securities. All broker-dealers who are FINRA member firms have an obligation to report transactions in TRACE-eligible securities under an SEC-approved set of rules.

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Interactive Brokers LLC. Is a member NYSE - FINRA - SIPC and regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Headquarters: One Pickwick Plaza, Greenwich, CT 06830 USA Website: Interactive Brokers Canada Inc. Is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and Member - …

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ShareFile easily connects to the financial software and apps you use every day, like Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, and WorkSite Organizer — so you can access your favorite files generated from those apps from one interface.

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The first step to getting started on an application residing on the FINRA Entitlement platform is setting up a User Account via a process called Entitlement. The Entitlement Process encompasses FINRA systems on the FINRA Entitlement platform that FINRA owns and operates as a private sector regulator and systems that FINRA operates on behalf of other regulators.

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FINRA Regulates Broker-Dealers, Capital Acquisition Brokers, and Funding Portals. A Broker Dealer is in the business of buying or selling securities on behalf of its customers or its own account or both. A Capital Acquisition Broker is a Broker Dealer subject to a narrower rule book. A Funding Portal is a crowd funding intermediary.

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Main FINRA Phone Number: (301) 590-6500. FINRA Investor Publications. FINRA produces a number of publications—including newsletters, brochures, manuals and pamphlets—targeted to members, investors and the general public. Download PDFs or order printed copies of our materials today. Other Investor Contacts

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Under FINRA Rules 7410 - 7470, FINRA member firms are required to develop a means for electronically capturing and reporting to OATS specific data elements related to the handling or execution of orders, including recording all times of these events in hours, minutes, …

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May 11, 2021 · assetmark brokerage, llc 1655 grant street, 10th floor, concord, ca 94520. assetpoint financial, llc 1300 north 17th street, suite 1800, arlington, va 22209-3810. associated investment services, inc. 433 main street, green bay, wi 54301-5114 mailing address: p.o. box 640, green bay, wi 54305-0640. assuredpartners financial services

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CRDIndividual Name2185911JOHN MICHAEL ELIAS SAAD24650234PRISCILLA G. The individuals listed below have a FINRA bar in effect, which means FINRA has permanently prohibited them from association with any member in any capacity.

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FINRA encourages individuals with information about potentially fraudulent, illegal or unethical activity to contact the Whistleblower Tip Line. FINRA’s Office of the Whistleblower expedites the review of high-risk tips and ensures a rapid response for tips believed to have merit. Contact Information 1-866-96-FINRA (1-866-963-4672) Outside the US: (646) [email protected] finra ...

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The FINRA Manual keeps investment professionals up to date on all our official regulations. It outlines FINRA’s unique rules and guidelines, as well as our current corporate organization. It consists of two main components: Our Rules FINRA’s rules and guidelines ensure a safe and fair market. These rules are constantly changing to adapt to new developments in the industry. - A vibrant market is at its best when it works ...

FINRA enables investors and firms to participate in the market with confidence by safeguarding its integrity. We deploy deep expertise, leading technology and extensive market intelligence to serve as the first line of oversight for the brokerage industry - all at no cost to taxpayers. We are a not ...

DR Portal |

If you experience any difficulties logging into the DR Portal, please contact the FINRA Gateway Call Center at (301) 590-6500. If you experience technical difficulties using the DR Portal other than issues logging in, please contact the DR Portal Help Desk at (800) 700-7065. If you happen to be both a FINRA neutral and a participant to a case ...


The DR Portal has two parts: the DR Party Portal is for arbitration and mediation case participants, and the DR Neutral Portal is for FINRA neutrals (arbitrators and mediators) serving on the Dispute Resolution roster. This User Guide describes the DR Party Portal. A separate User Guide is available that explains the use of the DR Neutral ...

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© 2021 FINRA. All rights reserved. FINRA is a registered trademark of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.

FINRA Arbitration: Developments in Discovery Matt …

Welcome to the FINRA DR Portal Introduction FINRA Dispute Resolution developed this user guide to help neutrals become familiar with the FINRA Dispute Resolution Portal (DR Portal). The DR Portal is a web-based system that allows neutrals to log into a secure section of our website for self-service access to update their profile

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Apr 03, 2017 · The rules concerning discovery and subpoenas have also been amended. These amended rules are available on FINRA's website, as well as a Party Portal User Guide. FINRA Regulatory Notice 17-03 is also available on the website, and Attachment A to that Notice shows all of the amendments to the FINRA Rules related to the Party Portal.

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May 24, 2021 · The DR Portal has two parts: the DR Party Portal is for arbitration and … just log in to the DR Portal; they do not use the invitation email again. 7. Frequently Asked Questions about the DR Portal for … – finra

FINRA - Dispute Resolution - Request For Mediation

FINRA will send you an invoice for the required fees only after all parties agree to mediate. Note that filing a Request for Mediation is not a substitute for filing a Statement of Claim in arbitration. In order to file an arbitration claim, you must follow the procedures in FINRA's Arbitration Claim Filing Guide.

FINRA CAT Connectivity Supplement for Industry Members

1.9 Dec 21, 2020 • Added Disaster Recovery URLs to section 4.2 • Added firewall requirements for section 4.3 • Added section 4.3.1 for Certificate Authorities • Added DR and Prod Mirror URLs for SRG in section 4.3.2 • Added section 4.4 on Extended Disaster Recovery including narrative and DR network routing diagram to section 4.4.5.


DR Portal. For Case Participants. Arbitration and mediation case participants and FINRA neutrals can view case information and submit documents through this Dispute Resolution Portal. LOG IN. ... Put "Complaint against CDFA" in subject line. Published List of Disciplined Designees:

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© 2021 FINRA. All rights reserved. FINRA is a registered trademark of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.

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With a commitment to personal service, Sigma Financial Corporation partners with financial advisors looking to grow their practices.

Finra Fines Oppenheimer & Co. $525K For Reporting Errors

Apr 23, 2021 · Finra said other cost basis tweaks were made many months after the fact. From January 2014 to December 2019, the company improperly changed the cost basis for …

Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) |

Dec 02, 2020 · SEC Rule 613 requires FINRA and the national securities exchanges to jointly submit a National Market System (NMS) plan detailing how they would develop, implement and maintain a consolidated audit trail that collects and accurately identifies every order, cancellation, modification and trade execution for all exchange-listed equities and options across all U.S. markets.


DR Portal. For Case Participants. ... CONSOLIDATED AUDIT TRAIL COMPLIANCE RULE . The Rule Notices Guidance News Releases FAQs. Expand All. 6810. Definitions. 6820. Clock Synchronization. 6830. Industry Member Data Reporting. 6840. Customer Information Reporting. 6850. Industry Member Information Reporting.