Marriage | Definition of Marriage by Merriam-Webster

Nook | Definition of Nook by Merriam-Webster

Nook definition is - a right-angled corner. How to use nook in a sentence.

Conjecture | Definition of Conjecture by Merriam-Webster

Conjecture definition is - inference formed without proof or sufficient evidence. How to use conjecture in a sentence. Did You Know?

Ciao | Definition of Ciao by Merriam-Webster

Ciao definition is - —used conventionally as an utterance at meeting or parting. How to use ciao in a sentence.

Commission | Definition of Commission by Merriam-Webster

Commission definition is - a formal written warrant granting the power to perform various acts or duties. How to use commission in a sentence.

Sabin Vaccine | Definition of Sabin Vaccine by Merriam-Webster

Sabin vaccine definition is - a polio vaccine that contains three serotypes of poliovirus in a weakened, live state and is administered orally.

Foot | Definition of Foot by Merriam-Webster

Foot definition is - the terminal part of the vertebrate leg upon which an individual stands. How to use foot in a sentence.

Whiz | Definition of Whiz by Merriam-Webster

Whiz definition is - to hum, whir, or hiss like a speeding object (such as an arrow or ball) passing through air. How to use whiz in a sentence.

Splat | Definition of Splat by Merriam-Webster

Splat definition is - a single flat thin often ornamental member of a back of a chair.

Enrich | Definition of Enrich by Merriam-Webster

Enrich definition is - to make rich or richer especially by the addition or increase of some desirable quality, attribute, or ingredient : such as. How to use enrich in a sentence.

Yammer | Definition of Yammer by Merriam-Webster

Yammer definition is - to utter repeated cries of distress or sorrow. How to use yammer in a sentence.

Mayhem | Definition of Mayhem by Merriam-Webster

Mayhem definition is - needless or willful damage or violence. How to use mayhem in a sentence. mayhem Has Legal Roots

Far Cry | Definition of Far Cry by Merriam-Webster

Feb 24, 2021 · Far cry definition is - a long distance. How to use far cry in a sentence.

Argosy | Definition of Argosy by Merriam-Webster

Argosy definition is - a large ship; especially : a large merchant ship. How to use argosy in a sentence. Did You Know?

Bias | Definition of Bias by Merriam-Webster

Bias definition is - an inclination of temperament or outlook; especially : a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment : prejudice. How to use bias in a sentence. bias vs. biased Synonym Discussion of bias.

Quip | Definition of Quip by Merriam-Webster

quip: [noun] a clever usually taunting remark : gibe. a witty or funny observation or response usually made on the spur of the moment.

Byme | Definition of Byme by Merriam-Webster

Byme is contained in 1 match in Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Learn definitions, uses, and phrases with byme.

Vestige | Definition of Vestige by Merriam-Webster

Vestige definition is - a trace, mark, or visible sign left by something (such as an ancient city or a condition or practice) vanished or lost. How to use vestige in a sentence. vestige, Trace, and Track Synonym Discussion of vestige.

Video Game | Definition of Video Game by Merriam-Webster

Jan 20, 2021 · Video game definition is - an electronic game in which players control images on a video screen.

Affinity | Definition of Affinity by Merriam-Webster

Affinity definition is - relationship by marriage. How to use affinity in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of affinity.

Appraisal | Definition of Appraisal by Merriam-Webster

Appraisal definition is - an act or instance of appraising something or someone; especially : a valuation of property by the estimate of an authorized person. How to use appraisal in a sentence.

Maxim | Definition of Maxim by Merriam-Webster

Maxim definition is - a general truth, fundamental principle, or rule of conduct. How to use maxim in a sentence.

Diagnose | Definition of Diagnose by Merriam-Webster

Diagnose definition is - to recognize (something, such as a disease) by signs and symptoms. How to use diagnose in a sentence.

Binary | Definition of Binary by Merriam-Webster

Binary definition is - something made of two things or parts; specifically : binary star. How to use binary in a sentence. Did You Know?

Nuance | Definition of Nuance by Merriam-Webster

Nuance definition is - a subtle distinction or variation. How to use nuance in a sentence. Did You Know?

Classic | Definition of Classic by Merriam-Webster

Classic definition is - serving as a standard of excellence : of recognized value. How to use classic in a sentence.

Fast-track | Definition of Fast-track by Merriam-Webster

Fast-track definition is - of, relating to, or moving along a fast track. How to use fast-track in a sentence.

Breed | Definition of Breed by Merriam-Webster

Breed definition is - to produce (offspring) by hatching or gestation. How to use breed in a sentence.

Definition of Comprehensive by Merriam ... - Merriam-Webster

Comprehensive definition is - covering completely or broadly : inclusive. How to use comprehensive in a sentence.

Definition Portal | Definition Of Portal By Merriam-Webster

Nov 18, 2020 · Portal definition: A portal is a large impressive doorway at the entrance to a building. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. 11. PORTAL (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary